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Sarah Cayce is an award-winning director, Emmy-nominated producer, screenwriter, and casting director. Her second feature film, F*CK YOU BIG PHARMA is currently in post, but Cayce's debut feature film, HAPPILY NEVER AFTER can be seen on Lifetime Movie Network. 


Her debut short film, Killing Irma, screened at over 20 festivals in 2020. Sarah wrote, produced, and directed Killing Irma, and won seven awards for the film including:

  • Best Female Director

  • Best Original Story

  • Audience Choice Award

  • Best Female Film.


When Sarah isn’t directing or writing, she can be found running her casting office, Compass Casting. Having cast for filmmakers like Terrence Malick to John Wells, Cayce has worked in the industry since 2008. She always keeps time for work with commercial clients like Ford, AT&T, the NFL, and dozens more.

Outside the industry, Sarah's spending with her shy wife - probably somewhere quiet.


Terribly dark and funny, snarky yet deeply heartfelt, Cayce's work aims to turn black ink on a white page into the stories we always want to come home to. From action-packed feature films to heartbreaking shorts, telling hard stories through big laughs, Cayce's female gaze brings a different perspective to what comedic films can be.

John Pirruccello


You're like [David] Lynch, the way you give everyone direction in their own way...funny like [Bill] Hader though.

Anthony Cousins


I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I appreciate the way you showed up and treated evervone everyday. A director really sets the mood/vibe on set and your beautiful, positive and playful energy really resonated throughout the whole crew. I noticed right away in the first couple of days how calm, relatively stress free and positive I was feeling on set and a huge part of that was thanks to vour leadership.

Matt M.


You have an incredibly intuitive way of explaining things to people. It was pretty mind blowing, seeing the difference between the first take and the last take, all because of what you planted, suggested and pulled out of us. Just Goddamn impressive, is what it was. 

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