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A Sarah Cayce Film



A new short documentary 



Women love women. Whether it's the way some of us love our grandmothers, our wives, or the girls we just met in the bar bathroom with great shoes, women love women. 

In an effort to bottle the way we love each other, SHE'S YOU is an interview-style documentary interviewing womxn from all walks of life talking about the women they love and why. Maybe it's because she's kind and human sunshine, maybe it's that she's fierce and brave - whatever she is, she's all of us. She's you. 

The Team

  • Directed by Sarah Cayce

  • Produced by Sam George & Lauren Abbott 

  • Cinematography by 

Currently Casting 

We're currently seeking women who love women in any way and want to talk about it. The audition process is a simple interview to camera, and can be shot on your phone in the comfort of your home. For more information and to be considered for casting, please click here:

Click here for Casting Information.

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