Falling in love is a secret, one that you want to keep hidden for as long as possible. Just between the two of you, where nothing in the world can hurt you or change you. It's quiet, it's safe, it's yours.

When Celeste finds herself in love with a woman for the first time, she has to figure out how to come to terms with her sexuality. More importantly to her, she wants to find a way to talk to the people she loves about who she is without changing their relationship for the worse.

Short Film | Currently in post-production

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Shaina Schrooten - Celeste

Erin Lovelace - Emilia

Ashley Crowe - June

Robyn Coffin - Momma

Maggie - Jodi Gage


Producer - Sarah Clark

Writers - Sarah Clark + Shaina Schrooten

Director - Sarah Clark

Associate Producer - Jodi Gage

1st AD - Ben Bishop


Cinematographer - Sonia Jourdain

1st AC - Reba Wilson

Gaffer - Zac Alsen

Gaffer - Jonah Salazar Y Tafoya

Sound Mixer - AJ Alsted

Production Designer - Samantha George

Wardrobe - Halley Sharp

On-Set Photographer - Evelyn Landow