A writer who doesn't like writing about herself but wants to know your whole life story.

Sarah Cayce is an award-winning director, Emmy-nominated producer, screenwriter, and casting director. Her debut short film, Killing Irma, screened at 15 festivals in 2020. Sarah wrote, produced, and directed Killing Irma and won seven awards for the film including:

  • Best Female Director

  • Best Original Story

  • Audience Choice Award

  • Best Female Film.

Sarah’s been producing since 2010 and has worked on feature-length documentaries, dozens of commercials, documentary content for Bleacher Report (which sent her to the Rio Olympics), and for select narrative projects.


When Sarah isn’t working on producing or directing, she can be found running her casting office, Compass Casting. She’s worked with filmmakers like Terrence Malick to John wells and loves keeping time for indies between commercial clients like Ford, AT&T, the NFL, and dozens more.


Outside of work, Sarah’s almost always spending time with her wife outdoors.

  • Best Direction - Chicago Feedback Festival - Total Catch

  • Best Female Director - Independent Short Awards - Killing Irma

  • Best Female Film - Indie Short Fest - Killing Irma

  • Best Original Story - Independent Short Awards - Killing Irma

  • Intervention - Short Film 

  • Give Up the Ghost - Short Film 

  • She, the Sunrise - Short Film 

  • After Life - Short Film 

  • Killing Irma - Short Film

  • Fresh Air - Short Film 

  • Breathe - Short Documentary

  • Gold Rush -  2016 Olympic Docu-Series for Bleacher Report

  • Happily Never After - Feature Film [Mar Vista Entertainment]

  • She, the Sunrise - Short Film

  • After Life - Short Film

  • Killing Irma - Short Film 

  • Fresh Air - Short Film

  • Curtains - Feature - Story By/Written By

  • Happily Never After - Feature - Script Doctor

  • She, the Sunrise - Narrative Short - Co-Writer 

  • After Life - Short Film - Story By/Written By

  • Killing Irma - Short Film - Story By/Written By

  • Fresh Air - Short Film - Co-Writer