A comedian falls down a hole of paranoia as she kills time in her hotel room and begins to suspect the room's bible is part of a demonic cult’s grand design.

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We’re looking to skew towards the warmer, 70’s film look. We’d utilize a bit of grain to make sure the image never looks too sharp/digital mixed with a slight bit of fading. Fincher’s Zodiac, Hulu’s series Ramy, and It Follows are all good examples of the look we’re hoping to achieve at the end of post.



Handheld. Avoid sticks as much as possible. Very interested in exploring “quadrant
framing” (prominently used in Mr. Robot) to isolate Janice in the frame and give a feeling of otherness lurking under the ordinary. In general, the framing starts off with the wides feeling voyeuristic/dirtied by door frames, etc. — We want to give the actor room to be in the space and do their own thing. As paranoia mounts in Janice, we mirror her state by moving in closer and having our focus get more shallow/selective (Handmaid’s Tale is a great example of shallow/selective focus close ups). This also gives a bit of a distortion to the frame.

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Framing Mr Roboto 1.jpg
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We'll be using practical effects as much as possible and compositing to enhance those practical elements, not replace them. One major benefit of going practical is that it adds a tangible, reality to the otherworldly. There’s already so much suspension of disbelief the audience needs to have, by using practical effects, you give them a brief misdirect where their eye and brain agree — “Oh, this is all happening."

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A roadside hotel on the podunk route between major cities. It hasn’t been updated in some time & wears the words “no frills” like a badge of honor. The eeriness of the place comes from its dank generic, uniformity


Heavily practical & with few accents. Warmer tones with pockets of shadow. Trying to achieve a stylized naturalism. Trying to avoid overly/evenly lit. The photos of Gregory Crewdson are further examples of this look


The dark priests are in deep red robes and face coverings. Their ceremonial garb is a melange of Catholic inquisitors, Gothic parlors, and plague doctors




Writer • Director​


As a founding member of DimeStore Films, Christian has been co-writing, directing, and editing for over a decade. During that that time, he has left an award winning feature film in his wake as well as a fistful of shorts, audio dramas, and screenplays. He has also associate produced for television, written critically on film for various independent publications, and has guest lectured on filmmaking around Chicago.


Christian was born on the dining room rug and is a lifelong horror/genre fan. He isn't sure if one of those facts begot the other, however.

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Writer • Director​


As a part of DimeStore Films, Hunter has co-written multiple award winning short films, feature films, and narrative podcasts. 


As an editor for hire, he’s assembling and reassembling stories from disparate parts. Keeping things interesting and losing fluff has become second nature.


He also finds out about his short comings when he lets other people write bios for him.

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Sarah Clark is an Emmy-nominated producer, CSA casting director, and award-winning director. 

Sarah has worked in the industry for over ten years. She’s been lucky to work on films like AUGUST OSAGE COUNTY, TO THE WONDER, RUDDERLESS, and many many more. Sarah has seen thousands of actors for hundreds of commercials with clients like NIKE, CORONA, HONDA, and hundreds more.


When she's not casting or producing Sarah's training for a triathlon and trying new coffee shops with her partner.

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Nick Shamblott is the cinematographer on various narrative films, which have been featured at THE CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, THE REELING LGBTQ FILM FESTIVAL, THE CHICAGO COMEDY FILM FESTIVAL and many more. 

In 2016 Nick moved to New Orleans, LA to expand and diversify his studies of visual language. There he has shot multiple projects, including THE MELANCHOLY MAN, which previewed at the NEW ORLEANS FILM FESTIVAL. It has since gone on to win BEST NARRATIVE JURY PICK at the AUDIENCE AWARDS and was invited to screen at COMIC CON.

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Crypt TV is an American entertainment company focused on developing, producing and distributing horror themed digital content, with an emphasis on monsters and recurring characters in linked universes. It was founded by Jack Davis and Eli Roth in 2015 and backed by Jason Blum and Blumhouse Productions.



ALTER produces and releases feature movies, series and short form stories from the most provocative and innovative minds in horror reaching fans across all platforms.